Your pets are happy, you’re happy. Whether you have a pet or are looking for a new one, find everything you need to know.

About began with our shared love of pets, and that common ground continues to foster its growth. Since we love many types of pets, sometimes we seem a little random on this pet blog. Whether you love a dog or a chinchilla, we welcome you.

Our Pet Blog Story

One day, I was chatting with one of my friends. Dogs came up in the conversation, and I immediately started talking about my experiences. My friend shared their experiences as well and pointed out how passionate I was about the subject. From there, the wheels started turning. I started investigating how I could share my passion and knowledge so everyone could have the same experience with pets that I did. Whether they were grown-ups or children, I wanted them to have the same joy. That’s when was born. Building a pet blog to share my passion and help others achieve similar experiences is rewarding. is just getting started with sharing pet information.

About the Writer of

My name is Donna, and I like pets. There were always dogs in my home growing up. These dogs sparked my love of pets with their joy and unconditional love. I will never forget these dogs and the careful care they needed. I believe pets supply distinct benefits to different people. Some find their companionship invaluable, while others see animals as an excellent way to spend their time. I’ve also found that a pet is something to look forward to each day. I love dogs, cats, fish, small mammals, reptiles, and exotics as pets, and I want to help others experience the same pet fostered joy I do through this pet blog. Feel free to contact if there is a specific topic we are missing. Stay updated with


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