Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters: Cutest Pet of All

By Roger G, October 14th, 2019

Maybe a Roborovski dwarf hamster isn't the cutest pet, but it's definitely one of the smallest and most adorable within the hamster family. Without question, these fun-loving, high-energy miniatures have a personality and delightful charm that's impossible to resist.

Commonly referred to as a "Robo", this hamster variety is part of the rodent family and will live to be 3-4 years old in captivity. Measuring approximately 2.5 inches long (the size of an adult person's thumb) and weighing less than an ounce, this speedy little hamster is exceptionally active and constantly on the run.

Discovered in 1894 by Lt. Vsevolod Roborovski, this amazing hamster comes from the desert regions of Russia, Mongolia and China, where loose sand and sparse vegetation dominate the Robo's environment. In the wild, Roborovskis will dig tunnels to a depth of 6 feet or more, leaving their burrows at dawn and dusk in search of food.

Unbelievably quick, nimble and naturally skittish, the Roborovski hamster is generally accepted as a pet to be watched and entertained by rather than one to be played with. For Robo owners wanting interaction with their pet, these cuddly creatures are not known to be aggressive and rarely bite unless frightened or hurt. Even though the Roborosvki is more sociable than other hamster species, they are, like most hamsters, solitary animals.

A Roborovski dwarf hamster normally comes in two colors. Agouti is a very light brown or beige color with gray roots. Agouti hamsters have white eyebrows and no dorsal stripe. The second color combination is similar to the agouti, except the hamster's entire face is white. The white faced Roborosvki is sometimes called a husky due to the overall color scheme.

The Roborovski dwarf hamster is a very rewarding pet for teens and adults, but the diminutive size of a Robo does not make it a suitable pet for young children. Roborovski hamsters are quite healthy if cared for properly, but prospective owners should always do some research before purchasing a Roborovski. Check out proper care and health issues and make sure you have a vet that can handle these small pets.

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