Ways to Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors This Winter

By Joselle A December 21, 2019

Winter is here and that means more cuddle times and indoor play with your furry family member. It also means that you'll have more time to see your dog mopey and bored because he can't go chasing squirrels outside in the deep snow. Having puppies and untrained dogs around the house could mean chewed furniture legs, curtains and towels torn to pieces by bored, frustrated pooches.

The good thing is that there so many creative ways to make indoor time during winter a great time for you and your pets. Here are 5 ideas to get you started.


Fetch is basic yet effective. All dogs love to fetch, especially if a favorite toy or a stick is involved. Do this for 10 minutes each day to give your dog some indoor exercise. Fetch is also a good game to play in between outside walks to poop or pee.

Indoor Training

Indoor training is one good way to kill two birds with one stone. You train your dog and keep him occupied indoors. If you have not attempted to teach him the basics like sit, stay or lie down, winter is the best time to do it. Pair training with a treat that he loves and training can easily become his favorite part of the day. Move up to more complicated tricks as the weeks progress and when New Year comes around, you'll have an entirely new dog.

Bottle Treats

Get your dog a rolling bottle treats dispenser; it's a terrific way to keep him busy while he's indoors. Fill it with treats and give it to your dog; he'll be rolling it around on the floor trying to get at the treats.

Indoor play dates

If you have one dog at home, an indoor playdate can be a welcome variation to the monotony. Invite some friends over or offer to look after your friends' or neighbors' dogs. Additional dogs will help you get a small indoor party going where your pet can burn calories romping all over the house with his friends. Just make sure to pet-proof the house and cordon off the places that are off-limits to avoid damage. Doing so can also ensure that you can maximize the space the dogs are allowed to play around in.

Find the Treats

Find the Treats is a really simple game that is effective enough to chase the boredom away. Start by ordering him to stay or sit still, while you go around hiding treats around the house. Have your pooch start sniffing by saying "Find the treats!" If it's your first time doing this game, put the treats in places that are easy to see and get to. You can up the difficulty level once your dog gets the idea that the command means he or she should start the search. Find the Treats is a great way to stimulate your dog and exercise his sniffing skills.

Winter means more indoor time for humans and dogs alike, but it doesn't mean that you and your pooch have to suffer through it. Enjoy spending more time indoors with your pet with these ideas.

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