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We are a small pet blog interested in dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, and more. HappyPet.pro loves all types of pets, so we started this pet blog to meet others like us and share information.


On Our Pet Blog, We Discuss:


Dogs are great companions at every stage of life. We love having dogs in the house, and they bring a particular joy to the home. However, dogs also require specific care and training to be the best fit for the household.


Cats tend to be independent and not as attached as dogs. They make great companion animals, though, and always seem to know when we need to pet them. Learn more about cats from our experiences caring for these sometimes-contrary creatures.


Fish make a fantastic first pet, and each one has its own personality. However, maintaining a suitable fish environment and ensuring quality of life for fish is the most important part of owning one. For these reasons, adults and children should learn about fish care before buying one.

Small Mammals

Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and beyond all make great pets. They live in contained environments, rarely bite, and enjoy interacting with the family. Learn more about pets, from chinchillas to ferrets, today.


From skinks to snakes, reptiles are intriguing pets for people of all ages. Keeping these critters that are so different from ourselves is fascinating, but it does require preparation. We’ve compiled the best articles on reptiles available.

Exotic Pets

Sometimes, normal just doesn’t work. Exotic pets range from tarantulas to certain bird species, so our category includes the same variety. With information on a wide variety of potential pets, we love considering the exotic.

Why Read at HappyPet.pro?

With HappyPet.pro, we’re not simply another pet blog. Instead, we’re a family passionate about pets and helping them live their best lives. We believe that pets improve our lives, and in return, we must supply the best care possible. Towards that end, many of our articles focus on creating a positive, stable environment for the animal. We believe this is the foundation for everything else, whether the goal is training a puppy or socializing a ferret. Thank you for reading our blog. We appreciate your support!

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